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Insight iCONTROL - Overview

Three views for designing and testing control systems:

               Scene Window                                                     Systems Window                                        Connections Window
Tutorials, Activities, Projects:
Insight iCONTROL includes over 130 resource files consisting of project scenarios and sample control systems, equipped with on-screen instructions and complemented by worksheets in pdf format for pupil activities.

Interfaces for connecting models:
Insight iCONTROL is compatible with over a dozen types of interfaces and buffer-boxes, new and old, made by a variety of manufacturers: Data Harvest, Deltronics, Commotion, Fischer-Technik, Lego and Logotron.
Insight iCONTROL provides a system for enabling the computer to control electrical devices.  It can switch them on and off in timed sequences or according to signals created by sensors.  This imitates how computer controlled machines work in industry and commerce.  More than this, Insight iCONTROL also provides a design-and-test environment which, with the aid of animated graphics, simulates the behaviour of real-world machines.  Control systems may be designed and tested using software only, and when proven, sensors and devices may be activated and controlled.
Users can easily change between the modes of Design, Test and Build. Students can design part of a control system and test it at any time, making it the perfect tool for developing ideas and increasing understanding of control procedures.
Insight iCONTROL offers the enhanced user interface developed for Insight iCON, the program and app for introducing computer programming to younger pupils.
The program incorporates a wide range of projects representing many fields of activity in everyday life. Projects include: Dream bedroom, Toyshop magic, Haunted house, Petrol Station, Greenhouse, House Security System and many more.

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