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Insight iCON Resources

Insight iCON offers a range of resources which will help you get started, practise programming control systems in a variety of scenarios, or do your own thing:


This is for users who want to experiment with their own ideas. You can choose or import your own background and have access to the full range of sensors and devices stored in Insight iCON.


This is for first-time users. The Quick-start exercises contain instructions to help you understand how to program basic control systems.  Each exercise contains an example control system and a useful follow-up activity is to build and program a copy of the system.  This may then be followed by tackling selected Fix-it exercises (see below).

For each type of control module there are also ready-built control systems which illustrate and explain how they are used.


This gives a range of simple exercises ideal for learning how to use Insight iCON. Each example offers a control system which is defective in some way, and the task is to alter and re-program it to make it work better.


These help you build and program control systems with the minimum of fuss. They are based on sixteen everyday scenarios, each appearing in two versions:  one contains prepared sensors and devices but requires modules to be defined and programmed; the second version contains completed control systems and instructions for extending them and developing further systems. Every project contains a store of sensors and devices for the Scene view.


This offers complete ready-built systems for all the project scenarios, illustrating the full potential of Insight iCON.  

My Work  

This tab stores all the systems you create or adapt for yourself.