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Insight iLOG Junior - Logger Compatibility

Here is a listing of the loggers, which are compatible with Insight iLOG Junior.  

Some loggers are no longer manufactured, but don’t throw them away; they will work with Insight iLOG Junior.

For more information about purchasing any of these loggers, please click here for a list of suppliers.

LogIT Black Box

Data Harvest EasySense Q 3+

LogIT Voyager

Data Harvest EasySense Q 5+

LogIT Explorer

Data Harvest EasySense Q Advanced

LogIT Datavision

Data Harvest EasySense 3 Link

LogIT SensorLINK

Data Harvest EasySense 1 Link

LogIT Datameter 1000

Vernier LabQuest

TTS Log Box

Vernier GO!

Logbook GL

PicoScope 2200 series

Logbook XD


Logbook ML


LogIT Live

Data Harvest EasySense Advanced


Data Harvest EasySense Interface

Data Harvest Sense & Control

Data Harvest Sense & Control EasyLog

Deltronics Micro Log

Coachlab II+

Philip Harris DL +

Philip Harris Universal Interface

Deltronics Extra Sense

Deltronics USB Control & Datacapture

Deltronics Control IT Plus


CMA €Sense 

Data Harvest Contact Controller

Commotion CoCo Control Box

Economatics Smart Box

Economatics Discovery


uLog sensors

WiiMote Controller

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