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Insight iLOG Junior - Update

Latest version: 5.25 (March 2012)

Modifications since previous version 5.09 (published by Logotron Ltd.)

New link for downloading online files
New viewlets on manual logging and graph analysis
New interface driver for uLOG sensors from DCP Microdevelopments and Timstar Education
New interface driver for WiiMote handheld controller from Nintendo
Improvements to driver for Logbook GL from ScienceScope
Synchronise files with Junior Simulation Insight: Insight iLOG and Junior Simulation Insight are now able to load each other’s files allowing interchange of files between the two programs
New link to support website

Free update from version 5.09: Download now

For updates from previous versions 5.xx, please contact
For owners of versions 3 and 4 of Junior Datalogging Insight, you may upgrade to Insight iLOG Junior for 50% of the normal purchase price.  Please contact suppliers with proof of purchase.

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