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About the BBC micro:bit

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Now available from the Apple Store: Preview

micro:bit version 3
- the official iOS app for the BBC micro:bit

The micro:bit app is the essential companion to the BBC micro:bit, the pocket sized programmable computer.  The iOS app provides online access to a choice of code editors for programming your micro:bit and stores your programs in your iPad or iPhone.  When you are ready, you can choose a program and beam it to the micro:bit via Bluetooth wireless.  Easy-to-follow screens lead you through the process of pairing your iPad (or iPhone) to your own selection of micro:bits.

micro:bit version 3 is the latest version with enhanced features:

As well as providing more flexible handling of your program scripts and HEX files, a major addition in micro:bit version 3 is the Monitor and Control page.  This allows you to observe real-time data from the micro:bit sensors, send messages directly to the LEDs and control the micro:bit buttons and pins from your iPad or iPhone.   Monitor is ideal for exploiting Bluetooth services in real-time, and for de-bugging your program code.

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Available from the Apple Store: Preview

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