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Pairing with micro:bits


What does ‘Pair’ mean?

The Bluetooth wireless communication between your iPhone or iPad and the micro:bit requires the sending and receiving devices to identify and recognise each other.  ‘Pairing’ is the process of doing this through the exchange of digital signals.  It’s a bit like looking for and exchanging telephone numbers; once done, your iPad knows where to find your micro:bit, and the micro:bit knows how to find your iPad.

When do ‘paired’ micro:bits need to be ‘forgotten’?

Normally, your iPad or iPhone will remember a paired micro:bit after switching off. However, sometimes the use of the micro:bit causes it to forget that it is paired with your iPad or iPhone.  When this happens, the app is likely to show an error message with the advice for the iPad to ‘forget’ the micro:bit also.  You can do this from Settings in the Bluetooth section which shows a list of paired devices.  For your micro:bit,

tap       and select Forget This Device..

How do I identify a micro:bit?

Each micro:bit has its own special LED pattern and a five letter name which show in the Choose micro:bit page.  These are shown throughout the app to help you know which micro:bit you are working with.