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Managing and flashing HEX files

What does the HEX file do after flashing?

The HEX file not only contains a compact form of your program script but also the ‘runtime’ code to make your program work.

How do I make sure that the micro:bit contains the latest ‘runtime’ software?

Download the code and send the .HEX file to your micro:bit.

What happens to pairing if I flash using a USB cable?

It is possible that the use of USB to flash a file causes the micro:bit to forget pairing, in which case follow the instructions for making your iPad or iPhone to forget the micro:bit also.  

Then start pairing again.

What does ‘Flash’ mean?

‘Flashing’ is when you send a .HEX code file to the micro:bit.  The code gets stored in flash memory in one of the chips on the micro:bit, overwriting the previous code.  This app uses Bluetooth wireless to send the file.  From a computer, a file is usually flashed by connecting a USB cable to the micro:bit.

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