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Simulation Insight - Example Simulations

House Insulation
The transference of heat from a house to its surroundings and how it may be modified by the use of various types of insulation.

The effect of an electric current to create magnetism. Current and voltage in transformers.

Rate of Reaction
The reaction between marble chips and hydrochloric acid, investigating the effect of particle size on the rate of reaction.
An experiment demonstrating the osmosis of a sugar solution.

Global Warming
The effect of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere on the average temperature at the Earth's surface. The model predicts the effect on the average level of water in the oceans, which, if it increases, can cause flooding of low lying coastal land.
Water Cycle
Factors affecting precipitation and evaporation in the cycle of water transferring from the Earth into the atmosphere, forming clouds and returning as rain.
Pushing a Car
The motion of a vehicle starting from rest when pushed by one, two, or three men. Velocity and acceleration can be studied to investigate Newton's Second Law of Motion.
Terminal Velocity
The motion of a bicycle or van so that the relationship between the propulsion force and velocity may be investigated.
Bouncing Ball
The motion of a ball rolling off the top of a shelf and then bouncing around a bedroom. The effect of the initial velocity of the ball on the time to fall to the ground may be investigated.
The motion of a pendulum can be investigated, where the object mass and length of the pendulum can be varied.

Pitch and Putt
The motion of a golf ball when struck by a golf club. If it is pitched into the air, its range depends upon the velocity and angle of pitch and the amount of friction in the air. On the putting green the motion of the ball is mainly dependent on the impact force of the club on the ball and the friction with the ground.

Orbits in Space
The motion of a satellite in orbit around the Moon, the Earth & the other planets.
The motion of an asteroid heading towards the Earth. As it approaches, it is affected by gravity which deflects it into a curved path.

Keeping Warm
The heat loss from the human body, taking into account temperature of surroundings and insulation properties of clothing.

Buying Energy
The amount and cost of electrical energy supplied to a range of electrical appliances in a typical kitchen.

Melting Ice
The melting of ice into water: two scenarios.

Growing Plants
The growth of a plant in terms of the necessary environmental conditions and the interdependency of the plant and its root structure.
A model demonstrating the ratio of sheep to grassland necessary to keep them fed. Size of flock can be varied.

Keeping Healthy
The decline of a population as affected by the percentages of people who smoke, eat excessively or take regular exercise.

Body Temperature Balance
A greatly simplified model to describe some of the factors, which govern the human body's ability to maintain a stable temperature.

Predators and Prey
Various models observing the cycles of two populations (predator and prey) noting how they affect the size of each group.

Simple Electric Circuits
Models examining the relationship between voltage, current and resistance.

Forces in Action
The force of gravity on a range of different masses where the strength of gravity can be adjusted to simulate the effect of moving to the Moon or to another planet.
Pulling a Sledge
Model of the motion of a sledge to relate the velocity to the number of passengers and the force used to pull the sledge.
Car Braking
Model of a car braking, measuring stopping distance and stopping time against the velocity of the vehicle, the braking force and the kinetic energy.
Model measuring the effect of changes in windspeed on the height that a kite will reach.

A model which predicts how long Pinocchio's nose will grow according to how many lies he tells per day.
Emptying a Tank
A model which calculates the range of a water jet pouring out from the base of a water tank.

Warm Mouse
The heat loss from the mouse, taking into account temperature of surroundings and insulation properties of clothing.
Warm Cow
The heat loss from the cow, taking into account temperature of surroundings and insulation properties of clothing.

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