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The latest program for building control systems featured in technology curricula and the 'Computing' programmes of study in the National Curriculum.  Compatible with a range of control interfaces.
Insight iCONTROL is a comprehensive update of Junior Control Insight.
Insight iCONTROL
- programming and control
Compatible with over 50 data-loggers and interfaces. Includes comprehensive graphing tools and an integrated modelling system.  
Insight iLOG VideoLab


Video analysis


Dynamic graphs


Wave generator


Insight iCON
- programming in plain English
A new App for introducing computer programming to younger pupils.  Ideal for Key Stages 2 & 3.  Emphasises the solution of problems in real-life contexts without using complex coding syntax.  

Versions available for PC and iPad

- the official iOS app for the BBC micro:bit

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