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Mr Bit Downloads for Kitronik Discovery Kit Experiments

The Kitronik Discovery Kit for the BBC micro:bit is ideal for beginners who have no experience of connecting or controlling external components.  The simple breadboard, together with a range of LEDs, a piezo sounder, resistors and jumper wires, makes it easy to build simple circuits with no previous skill.  With Mr Bit files you quickly discover how a simple program makes the micro:bit become a powerful controller. The ready-made files below offer solutions for basic experiments and  more.  They may be downloaded directly into Insight Mr Bit.

1 - LED Control Circuit

An LED (Light-emitting diode) always requires a current limiting resistor in series and the correct polarity of the connections is important: positive (long leg) to P0 and negative (short leg/flat side)  to GND.  The micro:bit buttons are used to switch the LED current on and off.

2 - Buzzer Jukebox

In this experiment when button A is pressed, pulses are are produced at a fixed frequency which make the piezo sounder emit a simple steady tone.  When button B is pressed, a series of stored frequencies is used to sound as a tune. The Mr Bit control system contains a music editor which can be seen in Design mode.

IMB Kitronik hub Discovery Kit Experiments text.pdf

Download notes about the Mr Bit programs for the experiments

Discovery expt 1.isc Discovery expt 2.isc

3 - Lights in Sequence

The program in the Mr Bit control module contains a sequence of three instructions which continue in a ‘loop’ until you switch off the battery.  Each instruction lights up a different colour LED for a short time.

4 - Digital LED Thermometer

Three coloured LEDs give an indication of the temperature sensor in the micro:bit: green is low and red is high.  The program shows how the Mr Bit control module for each LED detects a different temperature.

To adjust the temperature, click on its box.

Discovery expt 3.isc Discovery expt 4.isc

5 - Traffic Light with Pedestrian Crossing

The Traffic control program lights the red, yellow and green LEDs in the UK traffic light sequence when button A gets pressed.  When the Red LED is on, the stick image becomes animated and the buzzer bleeps.

Discovery expt 5.isc

More Mr Bit Experiments for the Kitronik Discovery Kit

IMB Experiment Box IMB Experiment Box


Have fun connecting sensors and LEDs to your micro:bit.

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