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Kitronik Discovery Kit

The ideal beginner’s kit for connecting components to the BBC micro:bit.

Buggys and motors

A buggy containing two motors makes an easily accessible introduction to robotics.

Kitronik Inventor’s Kit

A versatile kit for constructing circuits and connecting them to the BBC micro:bit.

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Zip LEDs Add-on Kit

Create amazing animations with ZIP LEDs using all the colours of the spectrum.

Make the most of your micro:bit with Mr Bit and Kitronik accessories

When it comes to connecting components and circuits to the BBC micro:bit, the Kitronik range of accessories offers great opportunities for learning about computer control.  The kits come with easy-to-follow instructions for experiments using LEDs, motors, sensors, buzzers and capacitors. Each experiment requires a program for the micro:bit and this is where Mr Bit can help.  The Mr Bit ‘Plain English’ method of programming the micro:bit makes it so easy to understand how the program works.

Download from this page Mr Bit solutions for all the experiments in the Kitronik kits. The Mr Bit coding editor contains many more experiments to try.


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IMB Experiment Box


Have fun coding sensors and LEDs with your micro:bit.

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